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Types of Work

We have a variety of options

  • We can work one to one

  • Mediation or advocacy

  • Workplace training

  • 1st line management training

  • Workplace culture design

  • Relationship Coaching

Our programme is based on the following foundational thoughts

  • The man is central to his change journey not the programme. 

  • The man’s behaviour does not define him in totality. He is more than the violence or offense he has expressed.

  • We are a strengths-based practice. We focus on solutions.

  • Mason Duries “Te Whare Tapa Wha” model of Well-being is foundational in our multiple intelligences approach.

  • Our approach is Rational Emotive & Behavioural. (REBT)

  • We embrace “Narrative” approaches to thinking, measuring, & therapy.

  • We view the men from a Trauma Informed Framework.

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