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Intervention Methodology

Client Centric Practice

The prerequisite for a man’s change is accepting there is a problem and a willingness to allow others to help.  We can put tools into the hands of the men, but they are responsible for picking up those tools and using them.


Our Goal can only be encouragement and empowerment in a journey towards self and whanau wellbeing. Knowing there is more to a man than his physicality, we look to engage the men holistically. We build a language for showing thoughts, emotions and spirit.


Experience of trauma is prevalent in our client group we therefore will inform them of our intentions to discuss difficult and possibly painful issues prior to doing so. We enable the men to choose whether to proceed or not. We do not want to accidently re-traumatise them.


We don’t ask “what have you done?” But “what has happened to you?”


We know a high percentage of the men we encounter will have lives characterised by the effects of trauma. Often men find they think they have finished with the past, only to find the past is still not done with them.


Our programme will undoubtedly address cognitive, emotional, and spiritual elements.


Mankind is unique in that our program is restorative and not punitive.


We separate the man from the actions. For example, the man is not violence, he uses violence. He has a relationship with those actions.


We challenge the nature of that relationship.

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