Welcome to Man Kind Te Awakairangi

Many New Zealand men have an uncomfortable relationship with family violence.


They suffer, their partners suffer, their children suffer and our communities suffer. Historically, we have rightly tried to alleviate the suffering of the victims, but sadly, done little to meet the needs of the men who inflict this harm, The harm is reflected in many ways, neglect, physical, emotional, intellectual, spiritual, sexual, financial or cultural abuse. The impacts of which are severe and long lasting

Man Kind aims to reduce the impact and incidences of this harm in our community

Answers to common questions




Man Kind exists to promote positive behavioural change away from the use of violence and coercion in family homes.
We are available to provide one on one support and advocacy in times of crisis.
We also run men's groups that challenge thinking and belief systems
We work closely with government and non-government agencies accepting their referrals.
We also take self-referrals where men recognise their desire to change




Many of the men we encounter feel very isolated.
They express relief when they are able to share what they are experiencing. They simply don't know what to do with the thoughts and emotions that are bothering them.
We encourage them to come and see what others do with the same thoughts and feelings safely.
We position the men as partners on a journey of change, focusing on building something better for the future. This takes time so we look for longevity of friendship and relationship.



  • A willingness to participate honestly
  • A willingness to converse both individually and in groups
  • A willingness to be challenged to grow and change
  • A respect of the rights of all others using the service
  • An agreement to do no harm to others or property
  • An agreement that what is learned of others is not discussed outside of the group
  • A willingness to attend in a fit state to participate, therefore, not under the influence of drugs and / or alcohol



Knowing what we know of trauma and how shaming alienates, we aim to provide a safe and calming environment where the men can relax and take stock.
We stay positive.
We position men as partners, not potential perpetrators of violence.
We focus on solutions.
We aim to position and orientate men to buy into an ongoing programme of change.
Many of the most significant changes we see in men find roots in group discussion. Opinions are voiced, challenged and weighed.
Man Kind has a small and growing group of trained volunteer mentors who will journey alongside the service users to facilitate healthier emotional and relational outcomes.